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Broiled Frozen Shrimp

Being able to pull a main course out of the freezer after work some days is the only way to save your sanity. This cajun shrimp is hot and juicy 25 minutes from start to finish. It’s hard to get better than that.

Yield: 4 servings Total time: 25 minutes

Roasted Frozen Broccoli

Broccoli goes straight from the freezer to the oven to get a flavorful, roasted vegetable on the table even when you’re running low on fresh produce.

Yield: 2 to 3 servings Total time: 45 minutes

Skillet Green Beans

This is a simple, perfect preparation for green beans. It’s fast and easy enough for a weeknight family dinner, and works with any main dish.

Yield: 4 servings Total time: 15 minutes

Pressure Cooker Boiled Eggs

“Boiling” eggs in an electric pressure cooker gives you consistent results and eggs that are really easy to peel.

Yield: 6 eggs Total time: 30 minutes

Roasted Broccoli

Roasted veggies are usually part of our weeknight meals, and roasted broccoli is one of our favorites. Toss small broccoli florets with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast at high heat for 15 minutes.

Yield: 3 servings Total time: 30 minutes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted brussels sprouts have become popular on restaurant appetizer menus in the last several years, so we became interested in learning how to make them at home. They’ve become an easy and delicious vegetable side dish we make often. They feel healthy and decadent at the same time.

Yield: 2 to 4 servings Total time: 45 minutes

Moist & Tender Chicken Breasts

This method of preparing boneless skinless chicken breasts is perfect if you need sliced chicken for topping salads or pasta dishes.

Total time: 40 minutes

Cast Iron Steaks

We’re without a grill this summer and turned to the cast iron skillet to prepare steaks. It’s a simple (but smokey!) process that made the best steaks we’d had in awhile.

Yield: 2 servings

Quick & Easy Black Beans

Canned black beans benefit from cooking in chicken broth, seasonings, and a squeeze of lime juice.

Yield: 6 servings Total time: 20 minutes

Herb Roasted Chicken

With just fifteen minutes of hands-on prep, you can make delicious, moist chicken equally suited to serve to friends for dinner or to use as a jump-start for a week’s worth of meals.

Yield: 8 servings Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes