Sautéed Mushrooms

Total time: 15 minutes June 27, 2021

Leo loves mushrooms, but I am not a fan, so I had no idea how to cook them. He has so few favorite foods and I don’t want to turn him off of anything by cooking it badly, so I had to learn. According to Fine Cooking, sautéing mushrooms over high heat evaporates their moisture quickly so they brown nicely and are flavorful. These mushrooms are easy to make alongside dinner and have, so far, been a hit.

Recipe adapted from Fine Cooking.


  • Mushrooms
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Clean off any excess dirt by rinsing the mushrooms lightly with water in a colander; don’t soak them or they’ll absorb too much water. Dry them with paper towels and wipe off any stubborn dirt.

If the stems of your mushrooms seem dry, hard, or slimy, trim just that part off; otherwise you can leave the stems intact. Shiitakes are the exception: their leathery stems don’t soften, so they should be cut off where they join the cap.

Slice cultivated mushrooms into 1/4-inch or thicker slices, or cut them in half or quarters from top to bottom for a meatier bite.

Heat a heavy pan over high heat. Add some butter and heat until it's frothy. Add the mushrooms a handful at a time; wait until they brown and there's no liquid in the pan to add the next handful. Push the browned mushrooms aside, and add another handful, repeating until they're all in the pan and their liquid has cooked away.

Season with salt and pepper, and serve.

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