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Cleansing Scalp Scrub

Not to go into too much detail on a recipe site dedicated mostly to delicious food, but my scalp really bothers me. I was excited to stumble on this recipe for a DIY sugar-based scalp scrub that helps remove build-up and soothes the itchies.

Yield: 4 to 6 uses Total time: 15 minutes
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Happy Spray

This is actually a recipe for yoga mat cleaner, but the original instructions said it could also be used as a room spray. We started using a spritz or two of “happy spray” in the air in Leo’s bedroom whenever he had trouble falling asleep, and now it’s part of his bedtime ritual. You’d usually opt for something less energizing than ginger at night, but the happy factor can’t be beat.

Yield: 4 oz. Total time: 10 minutes
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Jamy’s Exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub

At this year’s book club holiday party, Jamy gave everyone a jar of this salt scrub, scented either with grapefruit or lavender.

Yield: 1 10-oz. jar Total time: 15 minutes
Pet Food

Andi’s Super Dog Treats

Baking these in the microwave makes for a super easy treat for your four-legged friends. They won’t be able to resist the combination of ham and cheese.

Yield: 8 treats Total time: 15 minutes
Pet Food

Doggie Oats

My dog, Cliff, always had very sensitive skin and skin allergies. This home-made dog food of oats, ground turkey, veggies, and vitamins really helped him.

Yield: 6 servings Total time: 45 minutes
Pet Food

Cat Growth Diet

When Ralf, the family cat, became old and sick, Mom started making this home-made cat food for him. I’m convinced that it extended his life by months or even years. It’s a healthy mix of cornmeal, ground turkey, and nutrients designed to help cats gain weight and keep it on.

Yield: 8 1/2 cups Total time: 45 minutes
Pet Food

Healthy Powder

Healthy powder is an important nutritional base for doggie oats and cat growth diet. It’s a combination of nutritional yeast, lecithin granules, kelp powder, bonemeal, and vitamin C.

Yield: 3 1/2 cups Total time: 15 minutes
Pet Food

Easy Microwave Dog Treats

Wheat germ and baby food zapped in the microwave make super easy dog treats.

Yield: 36 treats Total time: 30 minutes
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Orange-Scented Bath Oil

This three-ingredient bath oil includes my favorite scent, orange.

Yield: Oil for 8 to 10 baths Total time: 15 minutes
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Bath Oil for Dehydrated Skin

Chamomile, lavender, and clary sage essential oils sooth the skin and help it absorb moisture. Add this to a bath for healthier skin.

Yield: Oil for 8 to 10 baths Total time: 15 minutes